About CUHK Library Digital Initiative

With the mission to preserve valuable heritage materials, to promote resource-sharing and to facilitate academic research, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Library (CUHK Library) has long been devoted to develop digitization projects and to provide convenient online access. Since 1995, many print and audio-visual materials, including Chinese rare books, books published in China and Hong Kong during the Minguo period (1911 – 1949), journals, newspapers, manuscripts, open reel tapes, audio/video cassettes, etc. have been converted and over 20 projects have been launched.

CUHK Library also collaborates with other libraries to foster resource-sharing. Since 2007, CUHK Library has participated in China-US Million Book Project (lately, renamed to CADAL) by contributing over 3,000 Western books published before 1923. Over 650,000 volumes of Chinese rare books and books published during the Minguo period are also available online.